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Infant Toddler Pink Ballet Shoe - 3-6 Months [3010]

Infant Toddler Pink Ballet Shoe

Super-adorable lightweight girls black vlevet shoe that all kids fall in love with. Designed with an adorable Flower on the front design, this all year shoe for a pre-walker or toddler provides the flexibility her developing feet needs. Easy to care and clean.


  • Soft Sole
  • Velcro strap
HAPPYSHOP(TM) Children's Cow Leather Sandal Slippers Sunmer Shoes For Boys And Girls Big Kid Size 25-36 (Size 36 (21.7CM), Blue)

Children’s Cow Leather Sandal Slippers Shoes For Boys And Girls

* Dressy, comfortable and stylish * Real Cow Leather * Rubber, soft and comfort insole * Dressy slip on fashion Italian style * Comes in shoe dust bags for storage
Little Blue Lamb Baby Squeaky Shoes, Boys, Removable Squeaker + Mini Gift Card

Baby Squeaky Shoes, Boys, Removable Squeaker + Mini Gift Card

With Squeaky Shoes from Little Blue Lamb, your little one would have so much fun in learning to walk! Every step your toddler takes in these gorgeous shoes produces a squeaky sound. They encourage a proper walking technique as a heel to toe action is required to make the shoes squeak.

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Each pair are lovingly hand made in England in a traditional shoe factory. They make appealing gifts and are much loved by adults as well as children. Fast and Prompt Delivery By Amazon!


Soft sole leather baby shoes and slippers are instantly recognizable, colorful and fun. Amazing Product…

The elasticated ankle keeps their socks on, can not be kicked off and ensures that the shoes really do stay on. Nice Product and Fast Delivery!